It’s so easy to assume that virtual assistants are the reserve of business owners and entrepreneurs.  And while there’s no question that a good VA really comes into their own helping a company to flourish, there’s a whole other side to virtual assistants that can sometimes get forgotten about.

Today I want to tell you all about the secret world of the lifestyle virtual assistant.

What is a lifestyle virtual assistant?

Not all virtual assistants are used for their business skills and professional qualifications. Sometimes an individual will hire a virtual assistant for support with personal tasks. Having a lifestyle virtual assistant can reduce stress and help the client focus their energy elsewhere – even on their professional life. 

Calendar management

Managing the family calendar can be a nightmare, so it’s a boon to have help booking appointment by phone or email with your dentist, garage or window cleaner and ensuring the diary is kept up to date.

Household admin

Life can sometimes feel like an endless round of getting quotes from local decorators, researching the best deals for life insurance or looking for a new broadband provider. From notifying you that your car tax is up for renewal to organising your home insurance, there’s so much household admin that a lifestyle virtual assistant can take off your hands. 

Social life organisation

Life feeling like less of one big party and more like a big ordeal? A virtual assistant can help when it comes to organising any size of social event, booking a dinner, or buying tickets and arranging transport for concerts or the theatre.

Special occasions reminder and gift organisation

Whether it’s a thank you gift or something special for a loved one’s birthday, having someone to remind, suggest and research gift ideas and then organise the purchase and delivery is never a bad thing!

Organisation and decluttering

Sometimes life gets in the way and before you realise it, one room of your house has turned into a dumping ground. If you have a room you’ve been meaning to tackle for a while, or can’t face archiving and sorting out all your old paperwork (and setting up new filing so it doesn’t backslide into chaos!) a lifestyle virtual assistant is what you need.

All the added extras

The benefits of a virtual assistant go on and on. If you need a break from home life, your VA can handle your holiday, from destination research, hotels and currency to flights, insurance and travel documents. Need help organising for a house move?  Turn to your lifestyle virtual assistant for help chasing your estate agent, organising a removal company and even packing.  Looking for a tutor, childcare or doggy daycare?  That’s where your virtual assistant can step in.

You don’t need to have a busy work life to reap the benefits of a VA. A lifestyle virtual assistant can organise your life and ensure your time at home is spent relaxing and spending time with your family rather than running from pillar to post trying to be endlessly productive.

If you’d like to find out how I can free up your personal time to enjoy the important things in life be, get in touch at  I’d love to help.